Getting Started

The Nexudus Spaces API allows you to develop Apps and modules that extend the Nexudus Platform.

How does it work?

The Nexudus Platform is API-first system, this means that all data and the actions that you can perform over that data are available as an API. The administration panel customers use every day is built using this very API so you have live and working example for every endpoint available.

The Nexudus Spaces API is implemented as JSON over HTTP using all four verbs (GET/POST/PUT/DELETE). Each resource, like Coworker, Checkin or Booking has its own URL and is manipulated in isolation. In other words, we’ve tried to make the API follow the REST principles as much as possible.

This means that your application must be available on the Internet for users to install it. It can be hosted in any type of server and programmed in any language, as long as it can perform basic HTTP requests.

General Structure

The API is divided in 7 main areas. You can get details about the resources in each of them by using the menu on the left.

  • Billing: data related to the items you sell, invoices and payments.

  • Community: data related to the community boards.

  • Content: data related to the articles, events and newsletters.

  • CRM: data related to your CRM boards, custom fields, reminders and tasks.

  • Spaces: data related to a space, like members profiles, bookings or resources.

  • Support: data related to the support features, like chats and help messages.

  • Sys: data related to your Nexudus account configuration, floor plans and core entities like taxes, currencies and timezones.