If your language of choice is C#, then the following SDK will run on any .NET or Mono platforms

Download SDK

Here is a quick example of how to authenticate and request the list of bookings.

var username = "";
var password = "YourPassword1234";
if (Auth.IsValidAuth(username, password))
var bookings = Bookings.List();
var booking = Bookings.Get(bookings.Records[0].Id);

If you are running in the context of a Web Request, you can actually use the SDK to generate the authentication token for you. Here is an example:

//Try to validate the request
var secret = "Your Application Key";
//Validate the request and create the auth token
var validRequest = Auth.Authenticate(secret);
//If we could not validate the request, redirect to Nexudus spaces auth URL.
return Redirect("Url To Login Page");
var appKey = Auth.GetAppKey();
var password = Auth.GetPassword();
var username = string.Format("{0}:{1}", appKey, password);
//Keep the auth token in the Forms Authentication Cookie for future requests
FormsAuthentication.SetAuthCookie(username, false);
return RedirectToAction("Url to your App Home Page");