Companion Apps

Nexudus includes a set of companion apps, which improve the customer experience you offer and help you manage your account.

Space Dashboard

This web application shows a short description of your space on screens or projectors. Members of your community can always see what is going on in your space or can check the directory.

Space Dashboard

Click here to learn more about Space Dashboard.

Booking app

Passport by Nexudus

Your Nexudus account includes a web app that lets members book resources available in your space by using tablets. It's best to install the tablets outside each of your bookable rooms.

Passport by Nexudus

Download Passport on the App Store or get in on Google Play. Click here to learn more about Passport.

Check-in app for mobile devices

We also provide two check-in apps for your Nexudus account that you can install on a tablet: Nexboard, NexIO and NexEvents.