Checking in by using NexIO

Allowing your customers to check in using NexIO

If you run the NexIO app on a tablet device in your space's reception area, members and visitors can use it to check in. Visitors can also use it to notify their hosts as they arrive at the space. NexIO has also an events mode so you can list all your up-coming events. Users can register for any of the events directly within the app. NexIO is provided with your Nexudus subscription and comes at no additional cost to you or your customers.‌

You can download the app for Android from the Play Store or for iOS from the App Store.‌

To set up NexIO, you need to log into it with a user account that has full administrator privileges. Select the check-in mode to use the app as a means for members and visitors to check in, or the events mode if you want to use the device to display upcoming events.

Make sure the account you use to log in is registered with just one space. Whilst it is possible to use an account linked to more than one site, try to avoid this to ensure visitors and member check-ins are recorded consistently at the correct location.‌

How space users check in

Pre-registered members receive a 5 digit pin-code they can use to check in. Visitors can also check in without the code, by registering themselves using the app.‌

How members can check in with a pin code

  1. Log in to the app.

  2. Click CHECK-IN.

  3. Click TAP TO START.

  4. Click I AM A MEMBER.

  5. Enter your pin-code.

How visitors can check without a pin code

  1. Log in to the app.

  2. Click CHECK-IN.

  3. Click TAP TO START.

  4. Click I AM A VISITOR.

  5. Click NO, when asked if you have a visitor code.

  6. Enter required details:





  7. Click CONTINUE. You have now checked in to Nexudus and the member you are visiting receives an email notification about your visit.