Teams and invoicing

Managing invoices for teams and companies.

You can use specify one member of a team as a Team paying customer. When you select a paying customer for a team, you can enable merging all invoices into a single invoice created only for the nominated member. Learn how to select a Team paying customer here.

Selecting a Team paying customer allows the member to enable sharing benefits for the entire team. You can only do this when the member you selected has a plan which includes the resources you want to share with the team. Read more about plans in Managing plans.

Be careful sharing passes between team members, we recommend making sure each team member has their own set of passes.

When you configure a team to enable merged invoicing, you can preview the total amount of expenses by generating the Next Invoice Amount report for that team. You can also generate an invoice for a team of members and contacts in the Details tab when editing the team in the dashboard. Learn how to generate the Next Invoice Amount report here.