Adding products to a proposal

How to add a product to a proposal.

You must first create a proposal before following the steps to add a product.

  1. If the side menu is not visible, click .

  2. In the side menu, click Operations.

  3. In the Customers section, click Members & Contacts.

  4. Select a member or contact whose proposal you want to modify.

  5. Click CRM and then Proposals.

  6. Select a proposal you want to add a product to. Note: You must create a proposal beforehand, if you need assistance, you can read about proposals here.

  7. Click Products and then Add proposal product.

  8. From the Product drop-down list, select a product.

  9. In the Quantity and Unit Price textboxes, type the number of units and the price of a unit for the product.

  10. Optional: Describe the product in the Notes textbox.

  11. If you want to make the product into a deposit, select the Include this product as a deposit for the contract created if this proposal is accepted checkbox.

  12. If you want to repeat the availability of the product, select the Add this product as a recurrent product if this proposal is accepted checkbox.

    • From the How often to invoice this product drop-down list, select a desired period.

  13. Click Save.

Adding a new proposal product