FAQ: Message Boards

Can I configure how often message board notifications are sent?

Members can select how often they would like to receive community board notifications via their account settings on the space website. They can opt to receive a daily summary that is sent first thing every morning or receive a notification every time something is posted on the community board.

Why is everyone receiving a notification when someone adds a comment on a message from the message board?

A customer added a thread or made an edit and used the 'Instant Deliver' function. We can disable the function if needed, contact support for more help with disabling instant delivery. ​

Instant delivery setting for a thread on a message board.

Why are customers not being sent notifications for private messages?

Check to make sure that in Settings -> Website modules -> Community boards that both send daily digests to members and contacts are turned on; if these are off then members and contacts receive no notifications.

Daily digest settings

What is the difference between a restricted group and a private group?

With a restricted group, non-group members can see the messages but they cannot interact. With a private group, only group members can view and interact.