FAQ: Users and User Roles

How can I create a new user role to access the dashboard?

User roles can be created by going to Security > User Roles. However, user role setting is a complex process, so we strongly recommend that you email us at support@nexudus.com and tell us that you want to add a new role.

I don't want users to receive the welcome email. Can I disable it?

The welcome email includes members' access information (username and password), which means it needs to be sent so that they can access their private area. If you do not want users to have access to their online account to make bookings and pay their invoices, you must sign them up via the dashboard and disable the Add User option.‌

What is the PIN sent in the welcome email?

Coworkers can check in to the space manually via the check-in app for iPads, which is available on Nexudus. Some spaces install an iPad at the entrance of the coworking space so that coworkers can check in on entering and visitors can contact the person they're looking for.