FAQ: Online payments and payment gateways

How can I configure my Nexudus account so that members can automatically pay their invoices by direct debit/ACH?

You can use any one of the integrations available to automate payments: GoCardless and Forte.‌

Other than the payment gateways integrated with Nexudus, are there any other payment gateways that I can use, that are not on the list?

If you can't find the provider that you want on our integrations list, get in touch with us. The integration may be available for Nexudus but the list wasn't updated. If we don't integrate with that provider, you can always use our API to study whether it can be integrated.‌

How can I edit the payment conditions for pending invoices? Can you change those settings?

You can set the number of days that pass from raising an invoice until the platform tries to automatically charge members that have provided payment details on the platform. To do so, go to Settings > Payments and enter the number of days in the Automatic payments field.‌

Is there a chance that users can pay for event tickets before an invoice is created for them?

Payments can only be made via invoices on Nexudus. Therefore, the invoice must be created so that the member can pay for the ticket.‌

How can I send the GoCardless direct debit request email to members?

From the Members or Contacts list, you can send direct debit requests by clicking next to the member's name and then clicking Send Direct Debit Request Email.

One of my customers cannot pay their invoice, the error message says the IP address is not valid for the merchant, how do I fix this?

You need to authorize the following IPs in the configuration of your payment gateway.