FAQ: Passes and check-in

In addition to the integration via Wi-Fi or RFID, is there any other way to check in on Nexudus?

There are several alternatives:‌

  • Manually: from the dashboard using the check-in module.

  • iPad check-in: via the iPad app available in your Nexudus account.

  • Access controls: you can control access to the space (linked to time passes) integrating access controls at the entry with KISI or Doorguard.

Does Nexudus have an app for bookings and check-ins?

Yes, we have an app with some customisable elements for Android and iOS. For more details, see Nexudus Apps.‌

When someone registers via the check-in app for iPad, where is the data stored?

In the subscriber group called Visitors.‌

Can I customise the app's appearance for room bookings?

You can enable or disable the features that you want to use on the app. You can also choose the layout's colour. To configure these settings, go to Space Settings > Mobile app.‌

Is it possible to sell passes for contacts (in addition to members)?

Yes. They also have a pass tab which you can use to assign passes to them.‌

Can I keep a count of visitors allowed to a space? How can I manage this?

This can be easily managed by creating a visitor pass. If this pass is a part of a price plan, you can add this in the pass section of the price plan. Otherwise, you can create a product 'visitor' and assign a visitor pass to it.‌

The easiest option is not to use the Limits tab in the plans and create a pass with the right number of minutes for each membership. Then assign 1 unit of that pass using the option Every time the plan is renewed when adding it to the plans.‌

A plan allows 10 morning and 10 evening passes. How to add these in the system?

Part time passes can be added by creating two passes, one for morning and other for evening. Remember to specify the times of the passes by selecting the time slots for each day of the week. Example: 10 AM to 2 PM for morning pass and 2 PM to 6 PM for evening pass. Once these have been configured, you can add 10 of each time pass under the passes section of the plan. If the member uses the space for a full day, 10 AM to 6 PM, he has effectively used two passes (one of the each type)