FAQ: Plans

Yes. From the dashboard, go to Inventory > Plans, click the name of the plan, whose link you want to view and at the bottom of the page you'll see a Sign up links section.

How can I give members of a particular plan different prices?

This can be done by defining discounted/different prices for those memberships. Once inside a resource rate, click on the special price tab. Select the price plan and enter the special rate. This will be the special hourly rate at which the related resource will be offered to the members in that plan.

What is the best way to set up a deposit for new members?

The best way is to create a "deposit product" and add it to the plan. This will let you have more control over the reports that your platform offers. You must first add the product via Inventory > Products and then add it to the plan that you want.‌

When someone signs up to a plan, how long does it take to create the first invoice?

When a new Contract is added, it is normally processed within 15 minutes and the invoice is created automatically, unless a different date was set manually.‌