FAQ: Bookings

How can I make it so that Contacts/Members must pay for bookings when they are made?

You can do it from Settings > Bookings/Reservations settings > Charges and payments by enabling the Require-up front payment options.‌

Requiring upfront payments for bookings

If a coworker makes a booking for two months’ time, when are they invoiced?

By default, bookings are charged when they end. They are included on the member's account in the future, when the booking takes place. Remember that you can choose to charge for bookings at the time they are made. To do so, go to Settings > Bookings/Reservations settings > Charges and Payments and set Invoice and collect payment for bookings made by contacts (members) as they end to YES.‌

Can there be multiple bookings for the same resource?

Yes, you can set the capacity for simultaneous bookings of the same resource.‌

  1. If the side menu is not visible, click.

  2. In the side menu, click Inventory.

  3. In the Sales section, click Booking resources.

  4. Click the name of the resource you want to edit.

  5. Select the checkbox in the Capacity section and specify the total number of bookings that can occur simultaneously.

  6. Click Save changes.

What are "tentative bookings" on the dashboard?

As an administrator you may want to temporarily block a resource when someone contacts you and is interested in booking it. In this case, you probably don't want other coworkers to be able to book the resource, but administrators can still access it if the lead doesn't go through. In this case, if you enable the Tentative option when making the booking via the dashboard, you will block the resource so that coworkers can't book it but administrators can.‌

Can recurring bookings be made?

Yes, they can. As an administrator user, you can make recurring bookings in the dashboard. To do so, enable the Repeat Booking option in the booking window and select how often you would like the booking to be repeated.‌

When I manage more than one space with my Nexudus account, can members belong to all the spaces with the same account?

Yes, they can. Make sure that they are linked to the spaces that you want them to access. Go to the member's record and in the Account tab, Registered with section, add new spaces.‌

When are booking credits applied?

Booking credits are applied when the booking is charged to the member's account. If you have the Invoice and collect payment for bookings made by contacts (members) as they end option enabled in Settings > Bookings/Reservations settings > Charges and Payments, bookings will be immediately charged as they are made. Otherwise they will be charged when they have finished.

When a booking is made the price appears as 0. What could be the reason?

Make sure the resource that you're booking has a resource rate assigned. You must also make sure that resource rates are not overlapping, especially if there are several for a given room, which may cause a conflict.