FAQ: Members, contacts and users

Can I import a batch of members to my Nexudus account?

Yes, send us an email at import_members@nexudus.com and we'll send you our member import template.

Can I create a user using a contact?

Yes, you will find this procedure in Managing standard and admin users section.‌

How can I set a contact as a member and vice versa?

The main difference between a member and a contact is that the latter is not signed up to a contract. To set a contact as a member, you just have to assign them a contract. When a contract is cancelled on a member's account, it becomes a contact.‌

For more information, see Managing members and Managing contacts.‌

How can I delete a member, contact or user?

Yes, you can delete a member by doing the following:‌

  1. If the side menu is not visible, click.

  2. In the side menu, click Operations.

  3. Under the Customers section, click Members & Contacts.

  4. In the Filter by section, make sure it is set to Members.

  5. Do one of the following:

    • Move your pointer to the left of the product you want to delete and select the check-box that is displayed. A pop-out menu is displayed.

    • At the end of the product you want to delete, click . A pop-out menu is displayed.

  6. On either pop-out menu, click Delete customer.

  7. Click Continue.

When you delete a member or contact from the list, the user linked to it will be deleted automatically. To delete a user manually, see Setting up a member as user or Setting up a contact as user.‌

For more details see Deleting a member or contact and Managing users.‌

When a Member becomes a Contact, is any information about their price plans and bookings lost?

No, all of this information will go from the member list to the contact list. This information will only be lost if you delete the member or contact from your Nexudus database, which we do not recommend.‌

Can members become users?

Yes, a member can be a user. Ensure that the user option is enabled when adding a new member. Being a user, gives the member the ability to use the member's portal. The member can make bookings, check the allowance, buy tickets for events etc. from the website.‌

For more information, see Setting up a member as user.‌

Can I keep members inactive until they are validated?

Yes, go to Settings > Website modules and set Keep new member accounts suspended to YES.

Keeping users inactive until they are validated‌

How can users show that they are part of a team during the registration process?

They can indicate that they are part of a team on the registration form, and include the team details.‌

Can members of the team share passes, so anyone on that team can check-in and use the team time concurrently?

You can share any passes in the team. In Operations > Teams & Groups, click on your team and then in the Team billing section set Share access passes to YES.

When I sign up a member, I receive the message "The email address 'member@domain.com' is already being used by another user on the system. You must use another email address."

This message indicates that the member is already signed up on your database. Another possibility could be that you are trying to sign up a user that is an Administrator in another space that uses Nexudus. In either case, you cannot use this email address to register the user.

I am trying to sign up a member but the system says that the email address is not valid. How can I resolve this problem?

Email addresses with strange characters or underscores may cause a conflict during registration. In these cases, if possible, we recommend using a different email address to sign up the coworker.

Welcome email for the members end up in the SPAM folder

You should also set the following DNS entries for the domain you are sending email from

DNS Record Type




v=spf1 mx a ip4: ip4:







Replace yourdomain.com with your domain domain in the examples above.