BigQuery is a fast, highly-scalable, cost-effective, and fully managed enterprise data warehouse for large-scale analytics for all basic SQL users.

BigQuery is a Google Cloud Platform service that will let you transfer in real-time data from your Nexudus account into a data warehouse so you can query it using standard SQL language.

BigQuery is a paid service. It will add $100/month to your Nexudus subscription and you will be charged by Google based on the data usage and number of queries you make.

Setting up BigQuery

  • Click on "New Project"

  • Name the project and click "Create"

  • Click on "Credentials" on the side menu inside "APIs & Services".

  • Create a new "service account key" credential

  • Select a "service account" and JSON format

  • Click on "Create" and wait for the JSON file to download. Open file with a text editor.

  • In your Nexudus account, head to "Settings" > "Integrations" > BigQuery and paste your project id and the contents of the JSON credentials file.

  • Select "Enabled" and all the options below depending on the type of data you want to transfer to BigQuery.

  • Click "Save changes"

  • If you want to transfer all existing data over to BigQuery, click on "Upload all data" after you have saved the project and credential settings.

After you configure BigQuery, you will see a dataset called "Nexudus" and a set of table within that dataset for each of the types of records you selected in the BigQuery integration settings.

Data is updated in real-time. When you create or update a record in Nexudus, that record will be updated shortly after that in BigQuery. Deletions take about 24 hours to be processed.