Managing printers in your space

Managing the printers in your coworking space can be a constant battle. Knowing just how important it is, Nexudus Spaces integrates with solutions that will help you easily manage the printing processes:

  • Ezeep: This print management software lets your users print via Wi-Fi, meaning that they don't need to install any printer drivers on their computers or devices. When a coworker prints using the Ezeep integration, each copy is added as a product to their Nexudus Spaces account and included on the invoices for them.

  • Papercut: This software also manages your space's printers but it has different requirements and works differently. Once you've integrated it with your Nexudus Spaces account, you can assign printing credit that will be used when coworkers print via PaperCut.

We really recommend that you study each of the solutions to see which one is best for your space, as their installation methods, requirements, operating systems and prices vary. If you would like more information, you can contact Ezeep or Papercut and ask about "printer integration with Nexudus Spaces".