Community module

Use the community module to create and manage content that lets you communicate with your customers and moderate the conversations between them.

You can use it to:

  • Write news articles to announce information about your location(s). You can include images, tag articles with categories, allow readers to comment on your articles and more.

  • Schedule activities such as seminars, workshops and exercise classes at your locations(s) with the events calendar. Events can be linked to the room in which they'll be held, so that the time is booked out. Tickets for the events can be be sold through your location's website.

  • Send out email newsletters to groups of subscribers. You can use these newsletters to keep customers informed about any important events that are coming up in your location(s). If you want to send out different newsletters for each segment of your audience, you can do this by setting up multiple subscriber lists.

  • Set up community message boards where customers of your location can communicate with threaded discussion. Customer profiles are displayed when they post in a discussion thread. This helps your customers find others with similar interest, helping to make your location a thriving community.