CRM module

Use the CRM module to carry out the day-to-day tasks of managing the relation with existing and potential new customers.

The core of the CRM module are the CRM Boards, where you can get a visual overview of current sales opportunities.

You can also use the CRM module to:

  • Keep track of tasks assigned to you.

  • Assign tasks to your staff.

  • Create document templates to make the process of generating agreements and proposals easier.

  • Create custom fields to keep additional data about customers.

  • Create message macros to easily send common notifications to customers or potential customers.

  • Set up reminders, which are automatic notifications to admin users or customers when specific conditions occur (for example, a week after a member has signed up, a reminder to send them a feedback questionnaire).

  • Send proposals for any of your plans so customers or potential customers can review, accept and e-sign them online.

  • Track any files you have sent to customers and whether they have e-signed them.

  • Monitor email accounts and view the queue of emails going out to members.