How a network configuration can help you manage a multi-location business.

If you operate more than one location, you may wish to organize them into networks. Networks allow you to organise your sites into groups that share common options and policies (pricing, tax details and so on). They are particularly useful where you operate sites within different tax or legal jurisdictions. For example, if you operate sites in the United States and Canada, you might define a network for each of these countries, with a different configuration according to the pricing plans, offers, tax rates and so on that you apply in each.

Sites within a network can share the following elements, allowing you to apply a consistent configuration among those sites:




You can sell a product to a customer in any of your sites, even when the product was defined in another account


You can add a contract to a customer, no matter which of your sites that contract was issued in. This is true even when the plan the contract is for is linked in another account


Passes assigned to a network account are valid in all child locations within that network, unless you choose to restrict them to a subset of the network

Tax rates

Tax rates from one location in a network can be assigned to items in any other location

Financial accounts

Financial accounts from one location in a network can be assigned to items in any other location

In the members' portal, publishing products, plans, events or news articles in a network account will show these elements in every child account in that network.

Networks can be nested, allowing you to manage your site settings in a way that is most useful to you. For example, you could have a network for each country you operate in, and, within each country, a network for each region, state, or city.

Networks are a useful way to organize multiple spaces, but they are not mandatory, even if you operate multiple sites. If you don't want to use networks, then you don't have to.

Setting up a network

If you are interested in using networks with your account, we can set them up for you, based on your requirements. Contact us to discuss your specifications and how networks can help you better manage your locations.