Square ePOS App

When utilising the Square ePOS app, it will be necessary to select a specific customer when making a payment. Select the hamburger menu in the Square app -> Customers -> (select a specific customer) -> (click the 3 horizontal dots to the top right) - > Select "New Sale with Customer".

The video below demonstrates how to select a Customer and a Product - both imported from Nexudus - to create and pay for an Order in the Square ePOS app.

It is important that a Customer imported from Nexudus is selected during the sale in the ePOS app, otherwise the system can not match the Customer that made the payment.

It is advisable that only Products imported from Nexudus are selected during a sale. If a sale is made using a mixture of Nexudus and non-Nexudus Products, only the Nexudus products will be visible on the Invoice, the cost of which will be calculated based on only the Nexudus Products.