Covers community features such as a the members directory, blog, events and community board.

We will cover how to collaborate with members via the members portal and the mobile app. We will show you how to create posts and events. We will demonstrate how to quickly add custom pages on the members portal. We will also go through integrations that power up collaboration with members.

  • Take a short overview of the members portal and the different type of users and their permissions.

  • Add posts.

  • Add events.

  • Manage benefits.

  • Add custom pages.

  • Review members directory features.

  • Review message board features.

  • Find where members can add issues and where you can review them: help-desk.

  • Connect Nexudus with Slack using Zapier.

We are working on video content for this section. Check with the team if you would like a one-to-one session before this is available.