Meeting Rooms

Covers meeting room set-up, resources and bookings.

We will show you how to create meeting rooms and configure their pricing options, booking and cancellation policies. We will cover how to create booking credits – hourly and value-based. We will demonstrate how to make a booking and how to review its corresponding fee.

  • Understand resource rates and how to add one.

  • Add a meeting room and set its privacy.

  • Configure booking and cancellation policies.

  • Add a booking.

  • Update and cancel a booking.

  • Add extras as purchasable options available with a meeting room booking.

  • Manually add booking credits to members.

  • Invoice bookings.

  • Review bookings and take advantage of the Bookings Report.

  • Change the visibility of the bookings and the calendar on the members portal.

We are working on video content for this section. Check with the team if you would like a one-to-one session before this is available.