We post the recording of our recent webinars along with the slides in this section.

Stay Contact-less with Nexudus

In this webinar we will be walking through how Nexudus can be used to keep track of who goes in and out of your building using different technologies we connect to and apps available as part of your Nexudus subscription.

Specifically, we’ll look at:

  • Check-in via WiFi, Access Control integrations and NexIO.

  • Visitor Management.

  • NexClicker: the digital tally counter.

  • Real-time view of who is in the building via the Dashboard.

Managing Deliveries in your workspace

In this webinar we will be walking through how Nexudus can be used to manage deliveries for your members and how you can add a product or plan for mail forwarding - and potentially open a new revenue stream for your space.

We’ll look at

  • how to use the deliveries function,

  • how to use the NexDelivery app.

  • how to manage deliveries as a service.

How to set up and send surveys.

In this webinar we will learn about the surveys function in Nexudus. We will look at:

  • Create and edit surveys

  • Send surveys manually as needed.

  • Schedule surveys to be sent automatically

  • Review surveys results and reports

  • Edit the survey email template

How to offer discounts to your members

In the last few weeks, we’ve heard from many of you asking about how to apply discounts to your Space members during the current Covid19 situation. Although there are of course many scenarios, we’ll be focusing on those that we’ve seen more frequently.

The goal of this webinar will be to show you how to use discounts as a way to skip payment for plans and any other items that need to be discounted during temporary closure due to the pandemic.

How to use Nexudus to offer virtual services

In this webinar, we will explain how to set up the system to offer and sell virtual memberships that may help spaces to open a new line of revenue while maintaining community access to the networking features.

How to support your community with the Zoom integration.

In this webinar we are going to be walking through how the Zoom Integration in Nexudus works and how this can help your coworking space and your members.