About the Member Area

The website has a private area for members and contacts. They can use it to update or edit their profiles, check their bookings, pay pending invoices online, change their plans and buy additional products. To access the private area, members and contacts must sign in.

In the dashboard, you can limit what customers can do on the space website. For example, you could allow them to make bookings online, but prevent them from changing their membership plans. In a different scenario, you may want to have people signed up to your Nexudus account but without access to the private area of the website.

Learn about website configuration in Website.

Accessing the member area

Members can access their private member area by clicking My Account in the top menu of the space website. They must sign in with the username and password that was created when they signed up. They can also use their Facebook, Google or Nexudus Passport accounts to sign in to the member area. If they do not have an account in your space, they can click Become a member to sign up.

The sections of the member area

The following sections are available in the member area:



Your account

Members and contacts can update their information, choose to have their profiles visible in the directory, and customise the notifications they receive.

Plans and benefits

Members can check their plans, change them or request cancellations, if your policy allows it. They can also view their available credit, and browse and buy the other resources and products you offer in your space, such as lockers, virtual offices, and so on. Customers can make purchases as one-off payments and members can, if they wish, add purchases to their plans.


Members can do the following in this section:

  • Pay pending invoices online

  • Download their invoices

  • Update their payment details

Your bookings

Members can check the their bookings or cancel them, if your cancellation policy allows it.


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