Managing Your Website

Nexudus provides a website for your coworking space, where your customers can read the latest news about your space and where they can log in to the member portal to make bookings and payments. You can fully configure the website, deciding which sections are displayed and who can access them.‌

Nexudus is a full white-label solution, giving you complete control of your site's branding. This goes beyond adding a logo and adding your own images and text. You can modify the source files of the site to fully customise its content and appearance.‌

You can access your website in the following ways:‌

  • By clickingin the side menu (or, if you operate a network, you see the name of location; see below for details).

  • By typing the website address in your browser.

The website address is structured as follows:‌

For example, if your account name is MyCompany, the address would be‌

For networked spaces, instead of the globe icon, you see the following:

Networked locations


Nexudus provides the following website features:




You can configure your home page to include links to a variety of services, such as a newsletter, events list, bookings calendar and community features. New customers can use the sign up form to register with your space.


You can provide a short description of your company. Members and new customers can access to the contact form.


Customers can view members, communicate with them, review events and available discounts.


Customers can review the available booking resources and access the calendar.


You and your members can create a blog containing news articles about your coworking space to keep your community informed.


Prospective customers can request a tour of your space. You can customise the Take a Tour form that new customers use to make the tour request.


Customers can contact support, and administrators can manage the support requests.

My Account

Customers can manage their accounts. For new and unregistered customers, the My Account section is replaced by the sign-up form.

Working with your website